The Budapest Masterclass Experience

Jerry will take you on an intense journey for 5 days and 6 nights.  In his signature straightforward, heartfelt and inspirational style, he will help you take your photography and your business to the next level.  Because of his extensive experience in the industry, Jerry has the ability to relate to all of his students no matter what size their business is.  He is able to teach from personal experience the intricacies of managing a large studio and shooting over 300 weddings a year, and also share his experiences in creating his new boutique brand catering to the high end market.

You will be motivated, educated, challenged and entertained as Jerry takes you on a day and night shoot that will completely change the way you shoot.  Models will be provided so that students can instantly practice the techniques they are learning. Each student will receive hands on training, individual critiquing, and will be provided with the tools needed to change your creative style and your business for years to come.

Instructor:  Jerry Ghionis

Jerry Ghionis has emerged as one of the most influential wedding photographers of the 21st century. He has been photographing professionally for over 22 years, owned his own business for over 19 years and taught professionally all over the world for over 16 years. Jerry is a rarity in the industry where his natural photographic talent is only matched by his business acumen and his ability to teach and inspire others. He has dedicated a significant amount of time and energy over the past fifteen years teaching hundreds of professional photographers at his five day workshops.  He has presented his workshops in cities around the world with the goal of inspiring, educating and challenging other photographers. His workshops consistently sell out in every city he visits and have even been described as “life changing.”  Jerry has developed a solid reputation for being very dedicated to his students and challenging them to exceed their own expectations and take their businesses to the next level whilst still inspiring them creatively. Attending a workshop with Jerry is truly one of the best investments you can make for your business and photography.


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Since the workshop is limited to a small group of people and because we spend a big week together, you’ll find that a big part of the experience is the relationships that are formed and the incredible amount of fun that we have together. You’ll be left with a set of tools that will make you a better photographer and a better businessperson, and you’ll also be left with a lifetime of memories


Free day, welcome dinner cruise in the evening for a memorable meal and some time to get to know each other.


The day will start with individual image critiques for endless ideas on how to improve your photography. Everyone will have a chance to showcase their images and Jerry will provide helpful critiques on the subtleties of lighting, posing, cropping, etc. with on the spot demonstrations to accompany these theories.

As one of the few modern masters of wedding photography, United States Nikon Ambassador, Jerry has learned to create stunning images “in camera” in any situation. Known as the “MacGyver” of photography, Jerry has the innate ability to turn ordinary situations into extraordinary images using any light source and scenario. Jerry will break down the 5 steps to creating a well-crafted image. He’ll also discuss how he approaches every scene before he begins shooting as well his “formula” for creating his signature images. Jerry will reveal his approach to posing and provide you with solid foundation so that you never run out of poses again. He will discuss how to pre-visualize each pose and also how he approaches challenging situations such as odd height couples, plus size brides, etc. He believes in respecting the “old school” rules but making them relevant for the 21st century. His system with spontaneity will simplify your approach to every shoot. At the end of this day you will never complain about having to work in an ordinary location ever again. Witness and learn the art that comes before Photoshop.


You’ll then have the opportunity to see Jerry put the previous day’s lessons into practice by watching him as he photographs models during a live shoot and also see the results of the shoot as he unveils the secrets of how he captures award-winning images.  You’ll see firsthand how he finds the light, how he exposes correctly for each scene, and how he interacts with his couples.  He will demonstrate exactly how to bring out the best in your subjects and how he makes his subjects look glamorous but natural at the same time. Known as the “MacGyver” of photography, you’ll see how he works in any location, turning an ordinary scene into an extraordinary image.  He will also demonstrate the art of creating drama using shadows, reflections and the clever use of lighting.  He explain how to maximise use of available and artificial light including video light as well as the proper use of on camera and off camera flash.  You’ll then have an opportunity to practice these new techniques right away.  Each student will have time alone with a couple to practice the techniques they have just learned.  Your goal during this short session will be to create only one image which will then be critiqued the following day. After dinner, we will head back outside where Jerry will demonstrate techniques to create stunning night shots.


The morning begins with everyone sharing one image from the previous day’s shoot and with Jerry providing a customised critique of each image to see how much you’ve progressed in just two days.  Wednesday afternoon will be spent outdoors for another shoot.  This time, Jerry will spend time explaining how to finesse your images on location as well as demonstrating his techniques for evoking emotion.  You’ll then be given some time alone again with a couple and asked to create one image using all of the skills you’ve learned that week.


As the winner of over twenty-five worldwide Wedding Album of the Year titles, Jerry will reveal the many elements to an award winning, profitable design and he will showcase the evolution of his album design from 1999 through the present day. He’ll also share his approach to conducting an album order session to maximize sales after the wedding and will even share his pricing formulas to maximise each sale. Every student will then be asked to share their marketing materials and Jerry will provide tips and suggestions to each person based on your current branding and marketing materials. Jerry will spend the day sharing his approach to being a successful business person – from marketing to digital and administrative workflow.  He’ll spend quite a bit of time on marketing and providing very detailed descriptions to three different types of marketing:  marketing that costs you money; marketing that costs nothing; and marketing where the ideas themselves actually generate money. With all of that marketing knowledge fresh in our minds, we’ll also talk about how to answer the phone inquiries correctly, tips for handling in-person consultations, perfecting the art of communication, how to effectively respond to common objections, and how to book your clients on the spot.


We’ll end the week with a fashion shoot where you will watch Jerry create fabulous images using the techniques he’s taught you throughout the week.  The afternoon will feature a review of everything you’ve learned, and we’ll end it all with a elegant formal dinner where we all enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the success of the class.

I’ve been a fan of Jerry Ghionis for a few years now, the best wedding photographer the world has seen in my opinion. He has the ability to craft images with such depth and emotion without looking contrived – his work is outstanding. I always knew from the start that I’d like to attend one of his 5-day workshops so I am happy to report that all in all this week has single-handily been the best investment I could have made for my business and I’ve walked away feeling not only has this benefited my business but me too. The course really has been ``life changing”
Neil Bowler
Thank you for being the most selfless people I have ever known and undoubtedly will ever come to know, effortlessly giving all of yourselves to each and every one of us this week. To say that I am forever in your debt would be a cop out. I can only repay your gifts through my own successes and I 'am' committing to those successes to you right here and now. I will repay your gift of knowledge with my commitment to staying true to the craft and will persist to become the best photographer that I can possibly be. I will repay your gift of empathy by seeing every client through the eyes of a loved one and and will share with them the gift of beauty. And I will repay your gift of love with being a better person.
Sal Ox
Your patience, for example, was very humbling, answering questions that have been asked a million times before. Delivering critiques where you spotted the same mistakes made over and over. But you were honest and gentle. And I can see how your empathy with us is the same empathy you have for your clients and probably everyone else around you. Friends of mine are asking me, ``How did it go?`` and I can't even begin to tell them how powerful this experience has been. I'll give them an idea, and then think to myself; ``And what I've said is just tip of the iceberg.``
Nerea Vizcay


The instruction will take place Sunday September 11th through Sunday September 18th. Monday September 12th is a free day, designed to give you the ability to enjoy Budapest on your own or with classmates. After that, you'll experience the 5 most intensive educational days of your life, with Jerry teaching, demonstrating, and everyone practicing with live models.


  • Check-in 3:00pm


  • Welcome Dinner Cruise in the evening


  • Breakfast
  • ALL DAY Classroom Critique and Live Demonstrations
  • Small Lunch in the conference room
  • Group Dinner


  • Breakfast
  • Daytime on-location shoot with models (5 girls, 1 guy)
  • Quick “Comfort Food” Dinner
  • Night Shoot on location with models


  • Breakfast
  • Daytime on-location shoot with models (5 girls, 1 guy) from 10am to 5pm
  • No Dinner provided this night


  • Breakfast
  • Classroom Day
  • Small lunch in conference room
  • Menza dinner


  • Breakfast
  • Morning Fashion Shoot
  • Afternoon Wrap-Up
  • Farewell Group Dinner


  • No Breakfast provided this day
  • Check out by 11am

Masterclass Details

“Budapest is as beautiful as Paris, only more intimate, more affordable, and more accessible. You will find it to be one of your favorite places on earth, just as I did when I visited for the first time 10 years ago.” –Jeff Medford, founder of MZed


Fly directly into Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (BUD)


You will be staying at Brody House in Budapest. The 11 individually styled rooms have unique, art-inspired decor, high ceilings and free Wi-Fi, plus distinct features including free-standing tubs, balconies and raised platform sleeping areas.  This boutique hotel is located in a neoclassical townhouse only minus away from the Hungarian State Opera House.


This experience is as much about great food as it is great photography!  Designed to introduce you to the best of Hungarian cuisine, the masterclass includes breakfast every morning and dinners on class days—including wine.  There will also be a farewell final dinner on our last night together.


Hungary uses the forint, which has recently traded ~280 forints to one dollar. Click here for an updated rate.  You will find that many things are noticeably less expensive than in places that use the dollar, euro, or pound, especially if they are local to Hungary.

What to Bring

Camera Gear: Your camera, your best lenses, and a laptop.

Clothing and Toiletries: It’s best to bring all the clothing you need for the week.  It’s best to bring whatever toiletries you need with you, although you will be able to get things at stores close to the accommodations.


Temperatures in Budapest will average a very pleasant 22C°/72°F during the day to  12C°/54°F at night, so jackets/sweaters are recommended. The chance of rain is minimal, but bring a light rain jacket just in case.

Commercial Use Policy

Please note that images photographed during the workshop may not be used for publication, self-promotion or competition entries. The images you create during the week are for your personal development only.


$3,995:  This is per person attending the class, which includes accommodations for seven nights, most meals (6 mornings of breakfast, 2 lunches, and 5 fantastic dinners), model fees, and all education.  Special arrangements can be made for family members not taking the class but traveling with you.  Contact MZed for details.

A 50% deposit is neccessary to secure your spot.  The deposit is due at the time you register with the remaining balance due by August 1st 2016


Jerry reserves the right to vary or alter the program content or cancel the workshop due to unforeseen circumstances. Cancellation by Jerry of a workshop will ensure a full refund of all monies paid.


Both full purchase and deposit options are available online, just click the REGISTER button, or contact us below.

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We’re accessible!  If you have questions, comments, or are just plain lonely, our Relations Manager Sarah will be more than happy to assist. Office hours are 8am to 4pm pacific time Monday through Friday. Just call the office or drop us an email.

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